Delaware Football Hall of Fame

Waller, Blaney, Oddo, Murphy, Allen, Buchanan, Alexander, Bucci, LaFazia, Henry, Hicks, Scott, Cox, Hall, Strengari, Swann, White, Michaels, Harris, Ranaulto, Delledonne, Hunter, Dominelli, Brown, Szczerba, Still, Merrell, Perillo, Apostolico, manny more!


Quotes Bob,,, you sure know how to humble a guy. My stars I just caught my photo's on the site. What an honor to be placed among the guys that put Delaware on the map in HS Football. Thankyou so very much. I will always treasure this memory. You sure have a soft heart for the guys that "busted their butts" to make it happen. Thank you again,,, Blessings Frank Stewart Quotes
Dutch Savage

Quotes Bob, I have looked over the net about various states High School Football and they ,,,those that have,,, them pale in comparison to your great site. I have no idea as to HOW you have put all this together,,,,, but,, it is simply astounding. The clips , nostalgia, write ups, men that the Delaware HS Athletics world has but forgotten about,,, they are ALL here!!! Bob you deserve a medal. what great memories. You have made this old man feel wonderful and I know my dear friend Ralph Pryor will tell you sir....Brother Bob thankyou for such a beautiful site. Great , Great,,work... Frank Stewart Quotes
Simply Amazing Site

Quotes Bob, what a terrific website you've set up! I joined recently so that I could go back through the old photos that you've posted and perhaps find a few photos or clippings of high school football from the late '50s. This is the time period that my husband, Wayne Allen, played for Sallies under Dim Montero. You have so many great clippings and photos from those years for all the Delaware teams and players. I noticed that there are photos of Wayne with the 1958 and 1959 All-State teams. I happen to have a few of the same photos from the Morning News or Evening Journal. I cut them out way back then and saved them; good thing, too, because he didn't. I told him about the fantastic job you've done with this website including the photos of the Sallies teams that he coached in the late '60s. I know he'll enjoy seeing all of it. Coaching these young men and teaching geometry at the school were probably his favorite jobs. Quotes
From one of our members

Quotes Reply to Frank Stewart from Jim's wife. Yes, Jim is the person that played for Wilm. High and is most famous for catching the pass from Clark Jester that won the game at the new Chester stadium. I will relay your comments to him. He has been in a Nursing Home here in Wilm. after coming down with dementia in his later years. I miss him terribly and appreciate all of his friends' concern and wishes. Kadoos to Bob Lafazia for his wonderful website and bringing you all together. Quotes
Jim (Googie) Patton

Quotes What a great site and what an honor to be even mentioned regarding Delaware's historic football legacy. Bob LaFazia should be congradulated for giving us such a fine gift. What memories. Bob himself was all everything during his tenure at Wilmington High School. In his day there was none better at his position nor reputation as a fine young athletic and gentleman. Bob was a complete team player ask anyone who has been fortunate to be on the same field with him. Now in his twihlight years as in mine ,he has put this site out there for yours and my memories. Fantastic job Bob, you've done a good work. Now let's all get together and tell everyone about it and sign on ... you'll find people you knew ...."way back when" I know I have,,,,,,Thanks Bob ,,, blessings Frank Stewart Quotes
Pastor Frank Stewart. DDv

Quotes I THINK Bob LaFazia was a credit to wilm. high foot ball program. gave it his all. there were many great players to come out W.H.S. but Bob Is my # one pick ! should be in the Del . hall of fame ! Quotes

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