Delaware Football Hall of Fame

Waller, Blaney, Oddo, Murphy, Allen, Buchanan, Alexander, Bucci, LaFazia, Henry, Hicks, Scott, Cox, Hall, Strengari, Swann, White, Michaels, Harris, Ranaulto, Delledonne, Hunter, Dominelli, Brown, Szczerba, Still, Merrell, Perillo, Apostolico, manny more!


Out of ALL the great sports we have in Delaware, (and I think the most popular) is the ONLY major sport without a Delaware Hall of Fame Site...we have one for baseball, basketball, track and field, tennis, wrestling, lacrosse and even one for just women! Then we have one for ALL athletes...coaches too...a lot of GOOD Delaware football players will have NO chance to make the "Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame"...SO we want to recognize a lot of GOOD football players that wouldn't be considered on that Hall of Fame...not that they are not good enough...its just that they are passed over or not thought about anymore!

Don't you think its about time we do something about that? I do, and many other Delawareans would too!

Thats why I have started this be frank with you we have some Delaware Footballers that ARE deserving of that Museum but...

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